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Will you eventually dissolve Gitcoin as a company?

Maybe. Or maybe Gitcoin Holdings will continue on, curating grants or collections. We are not yet sure how this will take shape.

Tell me more about Stewardship.

The Gitcoin Governance ecosystem is a delegated voting system (liquid democracy) that allows token holders to delegate their voting power to someone else. Community members who have had tokens delegated to them are Stewards, and may vote in on/off chain governance proposals. Token holders may delegate their voting po…

How do I get involved in governance?

Join [Discord][1] to engage with the community. If you have tokens, delegate them to a community Steward or to yourself if you wish to participate as a Steward. Discuss governance proposals on [][2], or vote on Snapshot [Snapshot][3], or [Tally][4]. [1]: [2]: https://gov.…

Quadratic Lands Token Distribution web3 support- Token Claim

After completing the first two missions (1-proof of knowledge and 2- proof of use) eligible users will arrive at the third mission, proof of receive. When you click `claim` in the receive mission, you will be prompted to broadcast a transaction to the Gitcoin Token Distribution contract. If you are having issues wit…

I try to claim my tokens on mobile and it didn't work

For the best experience in quadratic lands, we recommend claiming your tokens via Metamask on a computer.

What is the GTC Issuance?

The Gitcoin token (GTC) is distributed to active participants in Gitcoin’s mission. **GTC has no economic value; it is a governance token used to oversee the Gitcoin ecosystem. It has no claim on financial rights.** **The contract address of GTC is 0xde30da39c46104798bb5aa3fe8b9e0e1f348163f** _Note: _**_Please trip…

How do I claim my tokens?

Token distribution has now concluded as of 9:00 AM MDT. but you can always join a workstream to participate in Gitcoin governance! If you previously submitted a support ticket for us to investigate why you may or may not have received a GTC airdrop, we are still working on this. Thanks for being patient!

Why don’t I have tokens?

As part of the Gitcoin token launch on May 25, 2021, GTC was allocated to people who participated in Gitcoin grants, hackathons, bounties, or KERNEL prior to April 1, 2021. If you fit that criteria and did not receive GTC, [please fill out this form][1] and a member of the Gitcoin Team look into it for you. At the ti…

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